Cloud Based Solutions

Cloud Based Solutions

Businesses these days are interested in utilising the services cloud computing provides with all its benefits. People have started leaning towards cloud computing because reduces the maintenance of the onsite computing and data storage devices.

Our team performs an assessment of your requirements to identify a suitable cloud set-up that benefits your business. Further, we set up the most suitable cloud service for businesses just like yours while providing any future engagement whenever required.

Over the long term, quality cloud computing minimizes the onsite computing maintenance, specifically data storage devices.

Once your data has been transferred to the cloud, your users can access it from any place and any time which is known to increase productivity and overall work efficiency while improving work life balance and reducing overall carbon footprint.

Data stored in the cloud is protected by more sophisticated security systems including multi-level encryption. Additional user specific security measures are also available, so that users can be restricted depending on their authority level.

Another benefit of cloud computing is that there is ability to retrieve lost data, which is usually not possible on locally physical hard drives.

Above mentioned are just some of the key benefits of using cloud computing. Cloud services vary greatly in terms of functionality and are dependent on what the business needs

Cloud Technologies

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business (incl. Sharepoint & Onedrive)
  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Cloud Services
  • Dropbox
  • Plus many more

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